Glow-Weekly Photo Challenge

The last glow of sunlight reflecting off Lake Bonney and the storm clouds.

Lake Bonney is a large freshwater lake in South Australia’s Riverland. Camped on the shore here for the next few nights.



Daily Post: Hike- Kings Canyon, Australia

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Whilst I much prefer to ride my bike, some times you just have to walk to take in our natural wonders. These photos were taken on a recent bush walk ( hike) at Kings Canyon in Central Australia.

Kings Canyon is a must visit destination  in Australia and rivals the better known and nearby, Uluru (that big rock in the middle of Australia).

The walk 6km Rim Walk at Kings Canyon requires moderate fitness with it starting off with a 150m steep ascent from the surrounding plains.


Kings canyon rim walk
View back to the start of the Rim Walk
Sandstone escarpment
Kings canyon rim walk
Ghost Gum, Kings Canyon
Kings canyon rim walk
The Kings Canyon Rim Walk crosses the dramatic chasms
Not for the faint hearted


Daily Prompt: Elegant

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Elegant Wattle Acacia victoria, Arkaroola South Australia

Whilst emus are one of our more well known birds they do not fit the definition of elegant. However, the medium size shrub behind the emu is an Elegant Wattle (Acacia victoriae). Elegant Wattle is also not particularly elegant although it is quite attractive when in flower (bright yellow). It is native to the arid and semi arid parts of Australia, and is really really prickly.


Daily Prompt:Cake

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I love cake. But, alas, cake is an every now and then food. Under doctors orders I have dropped quite a bit of weight over the last 12 months. The joys of getting older and managing Cholesterol levels. Yes, I know, exciting stuff.

The hard bit is now. The hard bit, now I am at a healthy weight and my Cholesterol levels are acceptable, is ensuring every now and then food stays every now and then. For me, it’s harder to keep your motivation once you have hit your goal. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

Perhaps I should just listen to Cake. “Im going the distance”.